Monday, September 04, 2006

The Ever-Advancing Divine Microeconomy!

We humans are always seeking refinement. Case in point is my effort to continually improve the presentation of the divine microeconomy. For instance, I am beginning to introduce graphics to facilitate understanding.

The word 'cumulative' describes the state of knowledge of each individual at every point in time.

If there is a failure in the type of knowledge that is acquired, that is not the fault of economics, but rather it is more accurate to ascribe such a failure to religion.

The divine nature of human beings, driven mostly by the spiritual and intellectual powers, makes inherent the condition of being a 'seeker.' The One sought will be sought in the dust if it cannot be found in the heavens! Materialism is the outcome.

But once the secret is known - that the source of all wealth is the acquisition of the attributes of God - the sum of the whole will always be getting greater. This is represented in a diagram called the Maturity of Mankind.

The higher ideals and values are expressed at the microeconomy level by refinements in human character. These refinements are virtues that attract the seeker (fellow humans) because those virtues are highly valued. In fact these virtues are the source of value, or at least its first appearance in the realm that economic science can reach.

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