Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Micro Part Of The Economy is Human Action!

Human potential is wondrous, and guess what, we are hardly even aware of how wondrous it is. This happens to be one of the reasons that the divine economy theory is just newly born. To say it is in its infancy is possibly an overstatement.

The task is to try to understand human action. The missing ingredient, which has now been added, is the divine nature of the human reality. This ingredient has not been missing in religion but rather it has been missing in scientific economics. The subjectivist methodology used in the divine economy theory makes it possible to include the divine nature of humankind in its praxeology.

By nature humans acquire knowledge. By divine nature humans acquire knowledge about what others value. Whether aware of it or not the object sought appears to possess something that increases the wealth of the attributes of God. Maybe the object brings glory or power or cleanliness or flexibility or understanding.

Human action is directed towards the means to attain the ends. But this action creates a new reality, a person with new knowledge ready to perceive again its surroundings. This advancement is continuous and cumulative.

In summary, the micro and macro foundations of the economy are, thus, ever-advancing. This is a maxim of the divine economy theory.

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