Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cause And Effect In The Divine Microeconomy Model ©.

Human action and how it manifests itself is what we are talking about. Inseparable from human action is the origin and essence of the human reality.

In the Divine Microeconomy Model © there are two parallel patterns. These patterns have a directional nature to them. For example, let us say they flow from left to right. With that visualization in your mind, overlay cause on the left and effect on the right, and again overlay east on the left and west on the right.

If my guess is correct you are wondering about the east/west pattern. It is symbolic! It is symbolic of the way Revelation comes from God. It is born in the east and it spreads and bears fruit in the west. That is the pattern and it is part of human reality. Since this model includes the spiritual nature of humans this pattern is a vital part.

Now consider cause and effect. All human action proceeds in this manner. But because this model recognizes the divine nature of human beings the origin of the cause is traced back even further.

For example, when an individual goes to a job interview with a clean appearance the cause and effect may be thought to be: 'clean appearance' leads to 'job offer.' However, the Divine Economy Model © permits a more insightful understanding, one that is compatible with the divine nature of the human being. Cleanliness is an attribute of God valued by humans since they are created in His Image. It has value and if it is manifested it brings value into the world.

This is why the divine economy theory is so powerful and illuminating!

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