Monday, August 14, 2006

Human Virtues Are A Part Of Divine Economy Theory!

Although the Divine Microeconomy Model © is simple relative to reality, it is still quite a complex model. However that does not mean it is difficult to understand or to follow.

Because of its complexity I cannot use words alone to describe it as a whole very well and that is the reason I use a diagram. At the same time because of its simplicity I can present it to you piece by piece fairly easily.

This blog entry will be about the contents of the two-dimensional planes that are within the three dimensional model which was originally published in 2005 as the Divine Economy Model ©.

Each plane holds within it an array of human virtues that I arbitrarily assigned to it, yet I based that assignment on the kindred nature between each virtue and the spiritual elements of its plane. These virtues are universally valued by humans and human action is always directed towards the acquisition of them.

For example, modesty is assigned to the plane of Law/Order. Joyfulness is in the plane of Human Spirit/Transformation. And helpfulness is in the plane of Justice/Unity.

That sounds simple enough. Once the dynamics begins the model then encompasses the very complex. The Divine Microeconomy Model © has power because it helps us to understand the infinite nature of the divine economy and it serves as a means to further understand divine economy theory.

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