Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Materialism, Recession, And The Divine Microeconomy.

It is very difficult to identify what is the cause and what is the effect. Has materialism come about because economic science was void of a spiritual basis; or has economic science developed void of a spiritual basis because humanity was afflicted by materialism?

One outcome of materialism and a science that is confined to the constraints of materialism is intervention. Intervention is the manipulation of the economy by an entity with some degree of coersive power. Its purpose is to direct the economy. Only an ego that is inflated can assume to know what is best for everyone. If the interconnectedness of everyone is not understood then combine economic ignorance with an inflated ego as part of interventionism.

The application of short-sighted and limited knowledge upon a divine institution such as the economy has repercussions. One of the most spoken about repercussions is recession but beware, because the cause and cure spoken about is given from the perspective of materialism and/or economic science that is void of a spiritual basis.

Divine economy theory seamlessly blends the economy at the micro and macro level. This 'ego' that I spoke of is harmful at the micro and the macro level. It is the ego which prevents the continual refinement of the virtues which then prevents the accretion of value in the economic system. And the 'ego' at the macro level corrupts the divine economy bringing afflictions such as recession.

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