Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Divine Microeconomy and India.

Unabashedly I call out to India for two main reasons: it is basically English-speaking and because it has a rich spiritual foundation.

My books, DIVINE ECONOMY And Its Real World Economic Principles and DIVINE MICROECONOMY - A Tapestry of Human Virtues, are written in the only language that I know and that happens to be English.

For social change to occur there has to be movement of a critical mass and so I have identified India as a potentially important catalyst. Since the divine economy theory is in English and since the majority of people in India can read English there is a latent potential there. With the large population of India there is also the possibility of the presence of a critical mass.

India represents a powerful catalyst in a state of latency until there is an emergence of the cry for the justice of the divine economy theory. This potency is exceptional since India has a culture that has strong ties to spirituality. The people of India will be thrilled and find great delight from the discovery that it is the attributes of God that can scientifically be proven to originate all value. They will readily recognize that spiritual practices bring prosperity inwardly and outwardly!

Please hear my call, India, to be the catalyst that the world needs to free itself from the shackles of interventionism. Be the catalyst by learning about the divine economy theory and implementing it.

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