Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trustworthiness And Divine Microeconomy Theory!

It is by this assurance that human endeavor moves forward. It is a quality that guarantees recompense. Trustworthiness is therefore a key for the door to prosperity.

Although it is an inherent human attribute, like all virtues, its manifestation is acquired through education. If you know how the economy works, undeniably it rests upon trust. Exchange and cooperation depend upon confidence in the trustworthiness of each other.

If you look at societies that are breaking down it is because their structure has lost its foundation of trustworthiness. My next entry in the divine economy blog will examine trustworthiness at the macro level.

At the micro level - the divine microeconomy - we see trustworthiness as a vital aspect of the human spirit. It exists in various degrees of latency and is turned into an active state through education. This education may or may not come from a formal system of instruction but it definitely comes from interacting with others in the market process.

Its highest form of expression is when it is practiced while engaging in the economic processes of life, and while at the same time actively trying to connect the underlying motive with ethics. As described in ETHICS of the Divine Economy, even though decisions or actions are obviously strongly related to 'the means' there is never separation from 'the ends.'

At this stage in the development of the science of economics the whole human reality is now the subject of exploration, not just the intellective. Hence, divine microeconomy theory delves into the realm of the virtues - the attributes of God - and finds the origin of all value.

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