Friday, July 27, 2007

Individual Prosperity According To The Divine Microeconomy Theory.

To begin let us place value and wealth in juxtaposition to each other. They are not the same but they are related to each other.

Wealth is the attainment of things that have value. And what makes things valuable is that they confer wealth.

According to the divine microeconomy theory the origin of value can be traced to the manifestation of the virtues or the names of God in things, that is, in things that are ideal and/or material.

So it is that prosperity is the freedom to be exposed to ideal and material things that manifest the names of God and prosperity is the freedom to acquire those ideal and material things that manifest the names of God.

The necessary condition of prosperity is freedom. The necessary condition of value is for the 'thing' to possess the quality of an array of inherent virtues. The necessary condition for wealth is acquisition of those 'things' that have value.

Individual prosperity has to do, ultimately, with connecting oneself to the names of God such as mercy, grace, might, joy, etc. Of course the freedom inherent in the divine economy theory is conducive to prosperity whereas intervention disrupts the freedom underlying prosperity.

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