Thursday, June 14, 2007

Divine Economy Theory Is More Profound Than You Think!

What began as an extension of classical liberalism in a direction that went significantly farther than laissez-faire has now become a comprehensive scientific economic theory. The initial proof was to demonstrate that any and all meddling with the economy would be counterproductive due to the immense complexity of the economy. To illustrate the concepts I developed the Divine Economy Model © which, effectively, launched the divine economy theory.

Then I developed a model that would represent human action at the level of each individual. The Divine Microeconomy Model © went deep to look at the spark igniting action. It turns out what catches the attention of humans and then what conveys the value that underlies the resulting human action is most easily described as the names and attributes of God.

This discovery brought the divine economy theory to a threshold, a threshold which required a new understanding of ethics. I applied the subjective methodology again and found a way to represent ethics in a model form - the Model of the Ethics of the Divine Economy ©.

Despite these marvelous advances in economic science and ethics we are currently only in the very early stages of this new economic theory. The potential of the divine economy theory is far greater than we can even imagine. I will give you an example for you to ponder.

The source of all value has been discovered to be the names and attributes of God. That is what attracts and that is what is conveyed. These names and attributes are also known as virtues. For instance, beauty attracts our attention and so producers also try to incorporate beauty into their products.

It turns out that these virtues are more than the qualities expressed. Since they are aspects and reflections of God they are treasures of the mysteries and knowledge of God. As humans develop in the centuries ahead they will become more attuned to this tremendous potential that is readily and bountifully available to each human at all times.

If you follow what I am saying you will understand why the beginning of the divine economy theory is wonderful but what is really wonderful is where it will take us!

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