Monday, May 28, 2007

Divine Microeconomy Theory Sparked Ethics Renewal.

When I delved into the divine economy theory at the level of the individual I found how the origin of all value comes from the appearance of the names and attributes of God. There was, nowhere in economic science, any avenue for continued exploration along these lines.

What became clear was that the science of economics, in an effort to be 'objective' and specialized, instituted certain boundaries. In effect it institutionalized a rigidity which has, up until now, prevented the science from even trying to extend into these areas. To do so was regarded as 'unscientific.'

Guess what, I am willing and able to prove the scientific basis of the divine economy theory, toe to toe, with any economist of any persuasion. Likewise anyone can investigate for themselves the sound and profound economic science underlying the divine economy theory by reading my books or blog entries.

These artificially constraining boundaries that crept into economics could not contain the science that was newly advancing and so I had to go to the core of the problem for a solution. The core was the origin of value! The origin of value is inseparable from the appearance of the names and attributes of God, hence, economics is inseparable from ethics.

This required a rediscovery of the importance of ethics which then lead to the discovery of its cyclical nature and then to the discovery of the power and necessity of the mutual unfoldment of economics and ethics.

Ethics is renewed in this day and so is economics! No more collecting of dust on the shelves of the libraries as obscure and irrelevant verbage or even worse - equations! Fresh air and the light of day is now the milieu of economics and ethics!

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