Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Divine Microeconomy Is Invaded By Politicians.

What was discovered in the divine economy theory, when applied at the individual level, was that the source of all value comes from the appearance of one or more of the attributes of God. And also, whatever is produced by an individual that has value is an expression of one or more of the names or attributes of God.

Products attract us because they increase our satisfaction, they help us in our quest. Likewise, our contribution to the division of labor in some way does the same for others.

Look at what happens in a world that upholds property rights. In a system where property rights are honored and secured the product fulfills its integrity, and yet it may or may not fulfill what we imagined as its potential. As long as the product upholds its integrity the principle of trustworthiness remains intact.

If lies are used to persuade, immediately trustworthiness is torn away from normal and ethical human association. This is the method and means of the politician at all levels: local, regional, national and international.

Because of the distorted contemporary world condition the politicians have clout and their corrupting influence affects almost all facets of economic life. They and their untruthfulness and confiscatory actions encourage the same favor-seeking behavior from others.

Trustworthiness, which is the major building block of civilization, is continually weakened by the invasion of politicians into more and more aspects of human affairs. Why don't people demand that the politicians speak the truth and stop treating the property of others as if it is under their control?

As an economic consultant I affirm that one major prescription - to heal the divine economy - is to hold all politicians accountable. If they promise something that does not even belong to them then they need to be held accountable and charged with theft. If they say things that are not true then the media has the responsibility to expose the falsity of their claims.

When we create an environment that encourages trustworthiness we will have prosperity and an ever-advancing civilization.

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