Friday, April 13, 2007

Divine Microeconomy Has A Threshold Of Purity.

When there is intervention individuals suffer directly and indirectly. The indirect consequences of intervention have much to do with the misbehavior of individuals because of the distorted incentives that emanate from the corruption associated with all types and degrees of intervention.

There is a limit to the parasitism of intervention since the source of all value is the appearance of the attributes and names of God. When the chaos and distortions of intervention get severe enough for the individual to finally seek real value, then corrections are made. Instead of following a chimera masquerading as something valuable individuals return to their real quest and seek out the names and attributes of God wherever and however they manifest themselves.

In other words, there is a threshold of purity that is impenetrable at the microlevel of the economy which maintains reality (despite all of the efforts by ego-driven interventionists). The reality is that humans are divine in nature and that the economy is a divine institution, a perfect channel of the grace of God.

Intervention can only bring about injustices.

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