Sunday, January 19, 2014

Commercial Aspect to Virtues - Mercy.

The world is a testing ground for our souls. Tests and difficulties exist and have to be dealt with.
How can we truly show that we care without a capacity for mercy? Those who feel blessed in plenteousness often show their feelings of mercy by contributing to or participating in some kind of charity. Charities channel peoples’ mercy to those who need it.
Mercy is one of the keys to prosperity. It is through the act of being merciful that one begins and continues to recognize the reasons to be thankful, and the act of being merciful also makes one feel prosperous. It is through mercy that those who are suffering are given their much needed sustenance which, too, is a prosperous feeling indeed.

Here we have the feeling of prosperity as an example of the ‘tangible goods and services’ emerging from mercy. By acquiring and practicing mercy the extremes of wealth and poverty will lessen and a greater sense of prosperity will be felt by all. Those who show mercy will be recognized for this noble and valuable trait. A price, a ‘premium'  in some form, can be ascribed to the practice ‘mercy.’ In other words, there is a commercial aspect to the virtue. It is a traceable market phenomenon.

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