Sunday, November 02, 2008

Being Debt Free Makes Detachment Easier!

What is the real reason humans aspire to be debt free? Is it to unbind the shackling effect of debt? Is it to have the freedom to pursue one’s goals without any impositions by others?

With regards the independent investigation of truth it is fairly easy to recognize the potential consequences of being indebted to someone else. Maybe there are constraints that limit the possible avenues of exploration, depriving you of that opportunity and thereby lessening your powers of discernment.

Consider the difference between an entrepreneur with capital and an entrepreneur without capital. Regardless of the quality of the entrepreneurial discovery there are significantly greater restrictions once debt enters into the picture.

Now consider leisure! The burden on the soul, of debt, is very clear. Consider when a person cannot pursue their highest desires because of a mutually agreed upon contract that channels their human resources towards debt, in lieu of leisure.

Freed from debt, these circumstances change. Freed from debt a person can independently investigate the truth. Freed from debt a person can pursue their highest desires.

Now what about detachment? It is no coincidence that the human aspiration ultimately is towards the investigation of truth and the pursuit of their highest desires. That is an essential quality of being human. It is therefore a part of natural law!

The question then becomes, “What is real?” The spiritual reality of human beings is real. The physical reality of human beings is an objectification of the spiritual reality. Within this framework each person discovers his or her purpose.

Detachment is a relative condition related to each person’s purpose. The greater the detachment the more willing the individual is to find the spiritual meaning behind all of their God-given gifts.

Being debt free makes detachment easier! And so there is a natural tendency for humans to become debt free unless they are indoctrinated by ego-driven interventionists or ego-driven interpreters instead of being educated in the true sense of the word.

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