Saturday, July 19, 2008

Seeking Wealth? Here Is The Best Means.

The best means, if you are seeking wealth, is the independent investigation of truth.

First we need to find a common understanding of wealth. Having oodles of cash does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy. Having oodles of caring and loving friends even though you struggle to make ends meet may mean that you are very wealthy.

If an individual has vast ‘wealth’ as close as his (her) life vein but is not really aware of it, probably that individual will be poor even if there are stacks and stacks of money and assets readily available for multitudinous uses. What could it be that is that close and that valuable. The answer is the human reality.

Humans are empowered with the ability to search for the truth and because each individual is unique that search is fully exercised and expressed only when it is unencumbered, that is, when it is independent. Who else can investigate the truth for you? Without it being your search it can never fulfill your uniqueness.

That is step one - know yourself.

Can you imagine ever searching without there being questions? Questions and searching go hand in hand. No one knows your questions! No one can pursue the search that is uniquely yours!

So let’s start with what we know is wealth since that is what we are seeking. Having caring and loving friends is wealth! We recognize, then, that to care and to love is also wealth. We have identified aspects of wealth that do not even require any worldly status such as inheritance, prestigious occupation, etc.

Therefore search for wealth by finding the human virtues that enrich yourself and others. Your potential to reflect your unique array of virtues constitutes your true wealth because that constitutes your unique human reality. Rest assured, the objectification of your ‘spiritual’ wealth will translate into 'wealth' - as most people define it!

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