Monday, October 22, 2007

Individualism And Virtue In The Divine Microeconomy Theory.

The key to all things is balance or 'moderation in all things.' And so it is with individualism.

The essence of individualism is the subjective nature of each and every human being. Undeniably and unalterably we are all individuals and we have God-given rights to be individuals.

But we are that and more. We are unfathomably complex which means that to de-emphasize the other magnificient aspects of ourselves is not just. It is not just to others and it is not just to ourselves. Balancing and polishing all of the human virtues takes a supreme exercise of individualism. Noone but you can mine your gems. Noone but you can polish your gems. Focusing or channeling your individualism towards the mastery of your own wealth of virtues not only completely satisfies the inherent urge for individualism but it also protects the human rights (property rights) of others.

This balanced approach to individualism guarantees peace and liberty. It also serves as an underlying force (cause) leading to an ever-advancing civilization (effect).

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