Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Structure of Individual Prosperity in the Divine Microeconomy Theory.

I think that most people would associate 'freedom' with an exhilarating yet serene feeling associated with an unconstrained existence. This is perceptually accurate, not to be confused with a tangible unconstrained existence because tangible unconstrained existence, as a universal freedom, is impossible in a world with more than one person.

The point that I am making is that freedom has structure and therefore prosperity has structure. Having structure is not a negative (it is not constraining) as along as it is natural, that is, as long as the structure is not made artificial by intervention for purposes of coercion.

The natural structure of freedom supports the structure of individual prosperity. Humans are subjective with the freedom to see the world from their own perspective. Humans have logic which enables them to see cause and effect which, in turn, leads to the freedom to choose means and the freedom to choose ends. This is the structure of freedom.

With this structure of freedom in place prosperity follows. Divine microeconomy theory delves deeply into this subject and the structure of individual prosperity can be seen up close and personal in the Divine Microeconomy Model ©. All value and all wealth and therefore all prosperity are ultimately built upon this structure.

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