Thursday, October 12, 2006

Divine Microfoundations of the Divine Economy Theory.

In consideration of the work being done to uncover the relationship between the economy at the micro and macro levels I have adopted some of the terminology currently used in the economic journals and literature. I like the word 'microfoundation' as it is used which is to indicate that the microeconomy provides a foundation for the macroeconomy.

What is missing in the contemporary approach is the new definition of equilibrium as described in the divine economy theory. Also missing is use of the subjectivist methodology which creates a bridge between two previously dissociated aspects of human consciousness - science and religion.

This is not surprising since the divine economy theory is just emerging and is known by few.

Without going into any more detail in this blog entry, suffice it to say that I feel comfortable using interchangeably the term 'divine microfoundation' and the term 'divine microeconomy.' By adopting this term I assume that some empiricists will take a look and that some atheistic subjectivists will also become curious.

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