Saturday, December 01, 2012

All Value Is Subjective !!!

For a moment imagine the world without any human beings. Not intending to offend any animal lovers or lovers of nature, the idea of value would not exist without the existence of human beings! Sure, things would be needed and used but without a conceptualization of value.

Value exists because humans exist.

Humans do not exist as a social blob but rather as individuals who exercise social cooperation. Within the context of social cooperation there are ways for each unique human being to identify what is valuable within the context of that individual's life. In other words, humans value things subjectively.

Now we have arrived at the simple but monumental point: all value is subjective!

Value only exists because humans exist and all humans value things (material and ideal) subjectively. This is of very great significance when considering the proper scientific method for the study of human sciences. Subjectivism is the true scientific method for the study of human action.

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