Friday, July 23, 2010

True Education Ignites The Spark Of Our Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Cameron Herold presents great specifics and relates it to himself and others like him. No doubt the education system - which is becoming increasingly just a vehicle for propaganda - fails kids with special traits but it also fails everyone else too. I suggest that the potential for entrepreneurial education is even more universal.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alertness and this is an essential characteristic of being human. It is the human expression of the search for truth. True education would be all about nuturing the search after truth, in other words, true education is wholly about developing the entrepreneurial spirit.

Cameron Herold gives numerous examples of ways to encourage entrepreneurial thinking specific to production. No doubt that kind of entrepreneurship raises the standard of living measurably, but all human action that is inspired by the search after truth, whether it is material or ideal, carries forward an ever-advancing civilization.

In essence there is no such thing as education unless it is built upon igniting the spark of the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us.

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