Saturday, February 27, 2010

Refinement Of Competitive Entrepreneurship Microeconomic Theory.

The stage is wide. It is as wide as human life on this planet. Apparently every human endeavor is an example of how the human psyche works and how it becomes manifest and operable in the world. These are the signs and symbols of the wonders of human life and provide fertile ground for advancing the human sciences.

Take the Olympics as an example. Ignore the childish side of nationalism but acknowledge the national cultural distinctions that facilitate interregional diversity and competition. It sets the stage for one of the things that humans inherently like to do and that is compete. Ultimately the competition is personal, it is competition to improve one’s own performance in a competitive environment.

That is one half of the story. At the core there is a dualism identified as competitive entrepreneurship. Humans always function within that framework. There are degrees of latency that lead to distinctions between individuals, and that distinguish the performance of an individual from one point in time to another point in time, and there are times when one of either of these dual characteristics (competitive entrepreneurship) is relatively more latent or more active than the other in the life of an individual.

It cannot be imagined when competitive entrepreneurship is not the determining factor in the development (or lack of development) of individuals and unavoidably the development (or lack of development) of human civilization.

Humans desire to improve their condition and humans have the capacity to be alert to the potential possibilities that could lead to an improvement of their condition. That is their nature and that is competitive entrepreneurship.

Subjectivism at the microeconomic level acknowledges that competitive entrepreneurship illumines the praxeologic and economic content of human decision-making. This is the reason that the methodology of subjectivism is realistic and scientifically valid. Refining our understanding of competitive entrepreneurship is what will advance microeconomic theory!

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