Saturday, March 10, 2007

Divine Microeconomy Theory Uses Virtues Planes.

When an artist desires to convey his or her impression onto a canvas, first the frame with the outstretched fabric has to be constructed. It is on this canvas where the impressions will become visible.

So it is in the divine economy theory at the microlevel. The Divine Microeconomy Model © is like the frame and the fabric. Even though the application of the virtues is arbitrary yet it is rational just as the application of paint using various strokes by the artist is rational and arbitrary. This is one facet of the art of economics.

The science of economics probes interconnectivity and discovers relationships. Divine microeconomic theory explores the complexities of how each virtue is both a means and an ends.

Here is the monumental discovery of divine economy theory at the microlevel - all value originates from appearance of the virtues!

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