Friday, January 19, 2007

Divine Microeconomy - Occupational Survey Of Valuable Virtues

To begin the process of analysis I have published on my website a brief survey of five questions. According to divine economy theory the source of all value comes from the appearance of the names and attributes of God in goods and services.

To begin: gathering this type of information, that is specific to each occupation and profession, will lead to a greater understanding. When this kind of knowledge, which is the source of value itself, enters into the market process those skills and qualities deemed as most highly valued will inspire further refinement.

Granted this exercise is in an elementary stage and will need to be refined over time. Nevertheless it is important, and unquestionably, it will be a new avenue of research in the future. Such research will yield many marvelous fruits. All of the observations and discoveries made will advance the science of the divine economy.

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