Saturday, December 16, 2006

Divine Economy Science Shows That All Paths Lead To God.

Even though the natural sciences require a different methodology than the social sciences the parallels are instructive. Since human action is the essence of the social sciences and since humans make decisions subjectively the appropriate methodology for the social sciences is subjectivism. The appropriate methodology for the natural sciences is empiricism.

In the natural sciences the micro analysis uncovers greater and greater mysteries filling the unbiased observer with awe and wonder. Likewise the natural scientists who are striving for an understanding of macro worlds - the 'universe' if it can be delimited by such a puny word - find themselves overwhelmed and reduced to complete bewilderment at the glory of the infinite. These two ends of the natural science path lead to a love for the Creator.

In the social science of economics there is a parallel experience. This is especially evident now that the divine economy theory is available to all those seeking a deeper understanding of purposeful action by spiritual beings.

At the micro level there is the discovery that all things, material or ideal, have value because they are the reflection of the attributes of God. Human beings are irresistibly drawn to these names of God because our 'operating system' functions according to the decree - created in His Image. Even if persons are completely devoid of faith in God they, nevertheless, are attracted to the presence of these attributes in the things that they value. Hence all economic value originates in the evidences of these essences. At this micro level the refinement of these virtues constitutes wealth.

At the macro level in the divine economy theory there shines the long-recognized concept of equilibrium. Equilibrium is beyond our comprehension. However, since humans are imperfect they are always functioning in a world of disequilibrium, with the tendency towards equilibrium. This mysterious and marvelous force, known as equilibrium, has a new definition. 'Divine economy' is the equilibrium force and in divine economy theory it is identified as a divine institution that is part of the human creation.

The economy exists because humans exist. Humans seeking after truth - knowledge - is what drives the economy always towards equilibrium and that is what brings prosperity, the grace of God. Human interference, called intervention, is always a corruption of this divine institution - the divine economy. Unquestionably, the finite can never comprehend the infinite. Intervention restricts the flow of information and always causes injustice and disunity.

Science, when the methodology is correct and when the bias of atheism is discarded, is a path that leads to God.

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