Saturday, November 04, 2006

Divine Economy Theory Q&A #3: How Is The Intense Competition Faced By Businesses Divine?

Out of frustration some have called it a 'rat race!" A far cry from divine!

What we have to understand is that competitive entrepreneurship is part of human nature. And what we have to understand is that humans value those things that satisfy their essential nature, ultimately their spiritual nature.

It is no small task for the business owner to identify the attributes of his or her product that attract the buyers. As this is discerned the goal of the entrepreneur is to find a way to improve the delivery of this attribute either by product quality or quantity or by price or by the conveyence of information. Each entrepreneur is trying to accomplish this. The competitive entrepreneur also seeks ways to overcome the constraints of limited capital. Not all options are available even if discovered.

This does not offer much solace to a business that is suffering. Even in a divine economy there is no guarantee that an entrepreneur/producer will succeed (in serving the consumer). One thing is for sure though, in a divine economy there will not be competition from businesses that use the corruption of the interventionists to gain an unfair advantage.

Once this corruption starts it poisons the whole economy. Anyone who acts like intervention is beneficial is closing their eyes to the disruption it causes. It undermines society in so many ways. For example it replaces trustworthiness with sleaziness.

It takes principled determination to counteract intervention in these dark days of economic ignorance. Hopefully the understanding that all value comes from the consumer seeking after the attributes of God, expressed in various ways in products, will give the edge to competitive entrepreneurs educated in the divine economy theory.

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