Saturday, July 29, 2006

What Is The Source And Origin Of The Economy?

It is important to examine more closely the idea of the 'wellspring of the divine economy.' From where does the economy spring forth? What is the source and the origin of the economy?

This question is like the discovery of infinity in both directions in the natural sciences. Things continue to get smaller, far beyond our comprehension, and things continue to be expansive beyond our ability to fathom.

Similarly, the origin of the economy is attributed to the value of an acquired degree of a human virtue in the direction of the minute and yet it is also from the Will of the Fashioner, the Creator, in the direction of the grand.

The wellspring, in either direction, has as its source the divine nature of the human creation. Refinement and perfection of human virtues is the seat of the appearance of the divine microeconomy. The power of equilibrium, which rests upon the flow of knowledge and information to serve the needs of humanity, is the seat of the appearance of the divine economy at the macrolevel.

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